Never Cry Wolf

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This is one of my very favourite films, no bad language, no violence, just a beautiful adventure set amid the breathtaking scenery of the Polar Region and accompanied by a haunting Mark Isham musical score ( very kindly corrected by tbod there after my original mistake of thinking it was Maurice Jarre... thanx tbod : D). Tyler, a young scientist, volunteers for an expedition to research any possible link between the feeding habits of the native wolves and the decline in the Caribou population. Convinced he has been the lucky applicant out of hundreds and never for one minte considering he might have been the only one crazy enough to volunteer for such a venture, he embarks upon his mission with a responsible enthusiasm that quickly and visibly wanes as he leaves all that is familiar behind him for the Arctic wilderness. The film carries us with him as he encounters despair and wonder and unfolds his personal transition. The film explores the culture of the Inuit people and their mythology with sensitivity and openness and is a veritable feast for any armchair escapists.

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