Never close a Paypal dispute.

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Hi I would like to give people a bit of advice on something

not long ago i was tricked by a seller who sold me some faulty clothes he wouldn't respond for ages untill i opened a dispute with paypal asking for a refund, not long after just before paypal was going to refund me as they found the case was in my favor, i had a email from the seller saying he would be more than happy to refund me if I removed the dispute from paypal.

Trusting this sellers words as promised i closed the dispute and returned the faulty shirts back to him. To this day he hasn't refund my £147.

He was very intelligent that he new if i closed mthe dispute with paypal i couldn't open the dispute back up again, this way he new i was never going to get my money back from him.

So all im really trying to advise you is if you open a dispute with paypal over a liability seller keep the case open untill paypal refund you, or you might never see your money again.

I hope this helps you as i dont want this to happen to anyone else like its happened to me.

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many thanks, 795caroline.

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