New Account receives product and cancels credit payment

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Paypal and ebay have "NO SELLER PROTECTION"

My wife a long standing ebay seller with 600 plus positive feed back and no negative.

She sold on ebay a "buy it now item" value £240.

The buyer who opened their ebay and Paypal account the same day as bidding on the auction paid via Paypal.

Paypal credited my wifes account and the item was sent to the buyer.

Sadly a month later Paypal informed my wife that the  the buyer's credit card company stated it was an unauthorised payment no other details no claim of damage or non delivery etc. Paypal consequently debited my wifes account and to add insult to injury added an additional charge for so doing.

In view of above my wife contacted ebay asking for help they provided the buyers contact details to my wife ie email and phone number suffice to say neither of which exist. My wife therefore contacted ebay again asking for help and was informed to contact using there complaints process.She did only to receive no replies.

She also contacted Paypal only to receive generic replies with no guidance or offer of help.

As stated att no time has the buyer claimed damage nor non delivery!.

My wife and I are pensioners and the stress is making us ill.

My son did phone ebay to ask for help only to be advised to contact our local police.

The buyer is still listed on ebay and may have made many other fraudulent purchases.Not surprisingly ebay when challenged informed my son that because of "privacy laws" they could not discuss this buyer.

They also would not be drawn regarding help for loyal ebay sellers and declined any offer of help.

The Irony of this is that the item sold was on behalf of a friend of our son and my wife has obviously paid them the full amount not even deducting ebay and paypal commisions.

Consquently through no fault of hers she is over £250 out of pocket.

You are so right to warn re Paypal and ebay seller protection flaws there is no support what so ever for honest people.

"Seller beware"




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