New Baby Gift & Keepsake Kit Ideas, Unique & Personal

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Life casting is an amazing pastime and creating your own unique, full 3D replicas of your baby's hands or feet is a really special way of bonding with your baby and at the same time creating a fantastic keepsake that you will treasure for years to come.  All of Borrowed Moments fantastic range of  kits contain everything you need to get creating your own special pieces in the comfort of your own home. The beauty of using one of our 'at home' kits is that you can take the casts at the best time that suits yourself and your baby, when you are relaxed and both happy, when you don't need to rush.

Unlike some other kits on the market, our kits contain plenty of powders, you will  be able to get some wrong and still have plenty left to give you the best possible chance of getting a finished item that you are absolutely thrilled with! Life casting a real, wriggling baby is a challenge but is well worth the effort involved and with our step-by-step instructions, we make it easier to do, make sure that you check how many casts your kit will enable you to make and that it contains full instructions and tips to make it easier.

Our kits use only top quality powders and paints which will give you amazing detail, every line and wrinkle will be reproduced and you can produce a high quality finished item for a fraction of the cost of having your casts taken by a shop, meaning that everyone can afford to create keepsakes of their 'little treasure' without having to have loads of spare cash! Everyone loves to have these special memories to look back on so it is worth buying a kit from a company that you can rely on and know that you will get great value for money from.

The alginate that is included in our kits is top dental quality as used by dentists to take impressions in the mouth, making it extremely safe to use on even the tiniest baby, meaning that you can take casts of your new born with confidence and even our frames are specially made to give you a deeper box-space than most others on the market, meaning that you can generally fit your baby casts into the frames without having to file all your precious detail away, unlike some others where you end up with an almost 'flat' piece of hand or foot which completely ruins the whole point of this type of casting, make sure that you check the depth of the back box before you purchase a casting kit!


Baby Casting Kits

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