New Baby Must Haves

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There are items that are necessary when you have a baby and then there are unnecessary gadgets.

Here are my list of must haves:
Moses basket/crib or cot
Pram / Car seat
A reasonable amount of baby clothes
A bouncer or swing
Baby monitors

Things that are not necessary but can come in handy are:
A changing table
A baby Bath
High chair

Newborn babies need very little to begin with and a lot can be purchased second hand and in great condition from eBay or charity shops. When buying clothes don't buy to much in newborn sizes as they grow quickly. Try to ask friends and family to buy bigger sizes if they are thinking of getting clothes. If you are breastfeeding a steriliser is not always necessary as cold water sterilising could be used for breast pump and the occasional bottle used.

Items like baby play mats and toys can be purchased off eBay in great condition and c an save you a lot of money for an item that is not going to be used for that long.

Things like bottles and dummies should always be brought new for hygiene reason

If you plan to use cloth nappies, bundles can be found on eBay that are hugely reduced in price and after a wash with Milton are perfectly fine to use 

Always keep an eye out for a bargain :)

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