New Energy Saving Products

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Welcome to this guide on buying Energy Saving Products on eBay, brought to you by:

We are pleased to offer a range of brand new Energy efficient products on our shop home page.

All of the featured products in our shop bear the Energy Saving Trust seal of approval.  This means that the efficiency of these products has been thoroughly tested and approved for general use.  Look out for the following logo in the photographs section of each of our listings:

Not only are these products Eco-Friendly, they are also geared towards saving you money on your heating, electricity and water bills.  With winter approaching, its an ideal time to buy Radiator Panels and we also offer a selection of water saving devices that can help to minimise waistage during the ongoing drought that the U.K. is experiencing.  Several types of Energy Saving 11W and 20W Light Bulbs are also available for sale -  with guaranteed long life compared with all regular bulbs.

In addition to the Energy Saving Trust seal of approval, our products are manufactured by or sourced from reputable companies.  Many of the Light Bulbs we sell are manufactured by G.E. and we source our products from Energy Saving World - both are committed to bringing you excellent and reliable products.   

On all our Energy Saving products postage and packaging are included in the sale price, so you don't have to worry about any additional charges.

We are also pleased to offer the following free tips on how to save energy and potentially save you money:

By decreasing the temperature on you thermostat you can reduce your heating bill.

Drawing the curtains at night helps to keep heat within a room.

Turning off lights when you leave a room can help to reduce your electricity usage.

Try to reduce usage of dishwashers and washing machines to save on water.

We hope that you have found this guide useful.  Please vote for this guide and feel free to send us any comments or feedback.  


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