New Fake Microphones

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With regard to the influx of cheap copied microphones from the Far East, ie, Shure and Sennheiser, please now be aware of the adverse effect that us honest people have had on the dodgy rip off merchants that sell these sub standard products, unwittingly we have now proceeded to line their pockets even more. Why is that? i hear you say, well, whereas before, the price they were selling these products for was a dead giveaway with the unsuspecting punter pouncing on what appeared to be a bargain until that is, we wisened up to the nice cheap price. What do they do now?, they raise the price to match the average retail price, offer a small discount in bulk and Hey Presto! even more bucks for their dodgy items and Joe Public thinking "it must be genuine because of the price i paid" We have had several Shure and Sennheiser Radio sytems in for repair that to us are obvious copies but the owners have paid virtually the normal retail price. My advise would be to buy from a repuatable music retailer, check the sellers feedback, not many genuine music outlets only sell Shure and Sennheiser microphones or Headphones by Sony and absolutely nothing else. Also please be aware they are now being sold as "used but in almost new condition"
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