New Finish for a Wooden Scorpion Dinghy

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I found this dinghy abandoned in the corner of a Dinghy Park, its owner perhaps finding maintenance too daunting. For myself I find restoring varnish work very satisfying and much easier with modern materials. Once the work is done one has a dinghy that is simply a joy to own.

Varnish on the decks is looking dead and has started to lift. There is no alternative but to strip it off. This is done by using a Polyurethane paint stripper which is applied with a brush. Start on an area about 300mm square applying an even thickness of stripper. As the varnish begins to lift stipple more stripper in with the brush. It will take about 20 minutes for the varnish to be ready to remove.
 Once the deck is stripped the wood can be cleaned with oxalic  acid solution or a good teak cleaner obtainable on e bay or from a good chandlers. This should even the colouring of the ply, bringing back the colour in discoloured areas.  Once washed and dried, one should now have a wood surface ready for light sanding prior to refinishing. Photo below shows the cleaned deck.


I try not to sand too heavily as often the top veneer of the ply is very thin. In this case I have painted a blue border around the edge of the deck hiding where in the past the veneer had been sanded through. This is easy with two pack paints and varnishes which can be applied coat on coat, provided you follow the manufacturers instructions. In this case three coats of varnish were applied coat on coat, the deck lightly sanded, blue line painted, before a further two coats of varnish making the result on the right.

When I have a moment I will try to expand this guide and the future of this dinghy to show  what can be done.

Materials used
Nitromoors YELLOW can paint and varnish stripper
Oxallyic acid crystals

Epifanes 2 Pack Clear Polyuretane varnish
Epifanes 2 Pack Polyuretane Paint
Epifanes 2 pack polyurethane thinners

Abrasives 80,120, 240, 400 usually dry

Recommend Epifanes paint manual.

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