New Real Fur Items

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I wonder whether eBay has ever considered banning the sale of new real fur items in the interests of stopping animal cruelty?

Many of the NEW fur products sold on eBay come from China where animals are kept in the most appalling conditions imaginable.

Those 'cute' looking toy cats that the sellers claim are made from rabbit fur, the so-called Scottish sporans are in actual fact made from the skins of animals - including dogs, cats and rabbits to name only a very few- which are taken from them whilst they are STILL ALIVE.

Perhaps you might like to take a look at the anti-fur websites and watch the videos?  Just type anti-fur into a search engine.

I feel that eBay, as THE international auction site, would be making a huge stand against the barbaric money-making activities of a minority whose behaviour is abhorrent to the majority of animal-lovers worldwide.

I implore anyone reading this to resist buying these products. Perhaps by stopping their easy money, we can try to save an innocent life and end the cruelty.

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