New Royal mail postage charges.

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Well the new rates are easier than i thought they would be although it is hit & miss whether your item will actually fit those slots they have at the PO!!!
I have found a way of doing this though, my hubby has made me one of those things they have at the PO out of wood so i can see & try easily to see what category they will fall into letter,  large letter or packet. Not only do you  need to know the weight, width but the size also  you know length width etc.
But sometimes you sell more than one item & that can change drastically what category it then falls into, so in my listings i opt for a postage discount so every other item you buy you pay less P&P for which is a good way around this. Other sellers i have noticed are stopping to quote a charge in their listing & just invoice you when the auction is over which is ok but sometimes the charge is a shock.
For example using the old rates you could send a book 1st class that weighs 150g & it would cost to post (packaging not included) 68p, but now you are looking at size & depth also so the price goes upto 1.38 which is 2 times the original cost!
But to be fair on the other hand you could send a thin magazine weighing 100g for 49p & now it would cost you 48p, so it can be cheaper too!
Sometimes it is better to buy a lot rather than just one to get a good P&P rate.
I have included the new rates to help you if you need it:

240 x 165mm max & 5mm maximum thickness
Can weigh upto 100g 1st class 34p & 2nd class 24p

Large letter:
353 x 250mm max & 25mm maximum thickness
0-100g= 48p 1st & 40p 2nd
101-250g= 70p 1st & 60p 2nd
251-500g= 98p 1st & 83p 2nd
501-750g= 1.42 1st & 1.20 2nd

Is more than 353mm long or is more than 250mm wide or is more than 25mm thick or weighs more than 750g.
0-100g= 1.09 1st & 92p 2nd
101-250g= 1.38 & 1.20 2nd
251-500g= 1.84 1st & 1.52 2nd
501-750g= 2.38 1st & 1.92 2nd
751-1000g= 2.92 1st & 2.30 2nd
1001 -1250= 4.25 - 2nd class is not available on items weighing 1001g or more.
For each additional 250g thereafter or part of is +75p.

To send recorded just add 70p!

I hope i have helped you please click yes or no.

Regards for now

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Updated for new postal charges 6/4/07
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