New Strain of Fake Airmax Tracksuits

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Evidently a new shipment has arrived in the UK and they have found their way on to eBay! As before, I say that if you're fine with buying fake goods then don't fret. However, make sure that you don't pay more than the goods are worth.

A good starting point is the current Nike Airmax Challenge Tracksuit. This tracksuit is on sale at JD sports for about £70. Similar items have found their way onto eBay.
The photo below shows the genuine article:

Compare this to a similar item currently for sale on eBay:

Notice the main difference here: The genuine article has a Nike tick on the left breast; the item above has Airmax.  Otherwise the item looks fairly similar. The tag in this example is a very poor effort though.
On the back, the original looks like this:

The writing on the light grey detail on the back of the hood reads "MAX LTD. Designed to the exact specifications of championship athletes". Other than the white line going across the middle of the back, the rest is plain.There is also a rubber "Airmax" logo at the top which is hidden under the hood.
The copied item looks like this:

A big AIRMAX logo dominates the rear. There is no picture of the detail on the hood, but it does not appear to be the same as the geniune article.
Finally, the bottoms. The genuine article has the following detail at the bottom of the leg:

The item on eBay has the following:

Clearly different, and in fact, the close up picture makes the material look very different. The genuine article has smooth material, whereas the one above looks like a rougher material. Signs that it would not last as long!
The above item sells for £40 on eBay. Whether it is worth it would be your call. If you spot one and want to buy it, ask the seller to confirm the authenticity. I have scoured the internet, including searching genuine online stores for a similar tracksuit and have found none. The reality is that only JD Sports sell the genuine article, so unless the one you spot on eBay is an unwanted gift or used, it will probably be fake. The colour is also a giveaway. Counterfeiters seem fond of baby blue. As far as I know this item was only ever produced in White or Black.

As for some more obvious fakes currently on sale, the old designs are back, albeit slightly revamped.

The giveaway on all of these is the hood. They all have a contrasting colour on the hood. Take a look at this alleged Lacoste hooded tracksuit (Lacoste have not produced any hooded tracksuits to my knowledge):

Notice any similarity? There seem to be any number of these fake items being produced and shipped to the UK. Generally, you can tell by the hood design. If there were further pictures with more detail we could also see that the designs are very similar throughout with the major difference being the colour. In the past I have seen virtually identical tracksuits for sale with different branding on them!

Good luck and happy bidding!
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