New To Ebay? How To Take Professional Pictures Photos

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If you are new to Ebay here are my top 5 tips to help you take professional photo's.

  1. Buy a tripod.  A tripod allows you to take clear and crisp pictures and are especially good for detailed close ups.  You can pick one up from a camera shop for around £20.  Check out Ebay and car boot sales for a cheap bargain.
  2. No Clutter.  Make sure there is no clutter or background mess in your photo.  Have a clear area for taking pictures.
  3. Have a bath!  A quick and easy way to take photos of items is in your bath.  It provides a clean clear background and the photos look amazing.
  4. Lots of light.  I always find it easier to take my pictures outside in natural light.  Where this is not possible then the best pictures are taken with light from at least 3 angles, above and from each side.
  5. Dont settle for second best.  If you do not like the pictures you have taken then delete and retake them.  A blurry or dark picture could mean you getting less money for your item.

Remember practice makes perfect.  Good luck with your Ebay sales.

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