New Zealand Pay As You Go Sim Cards for use in NZ Kiwi

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New Zealand Pay As You Go Sim Cards for use in NZ Kiwi

Whether your backpacking , working , emigrating or going on holiday in New Zealand you will need one of these New Zealand sim cards to save £100s and £1000s on phone calls - data - apps - texts and 3G internet use.

New Zealand sim cards will work in most towns and all cities around New Zealand

Buy from me and if your based in the EU and or the UK you will pay no coustom fees as all my sim cards are posted from the UK in the EU. Also your sim will not suffer from very long delays in post as posted from UK with in 24 hours of paying if instock.

Some good reasons to get a New Zealand sim card 1) All New Zealand sim cards have free incoming calls and texts while in New Zealand. 2) You will get a New Zealand mobile phone number you will also need this New Zealand number if your going to be finding work in New Zealand. 3) Avoid roaming rates with 3G 4G Data - apps - internet - calls - texts which will be cheaper . 4) You can add credit by topping up from shops all over New Zealand. 

The best New Zealand networks are Vodafone - 2 Degrees  

Vodafone , 2 Degrees  all have 3G data. And soon they will also come with 4G. Call to any where in the World & text to most places in the World.

You will need a unlocked mobile phone. The sim cards work with just about every mobile phone GSM - 3G - 4G that take mini micro nano sim cards.

Unlocked - Means the mobile is unlocked to other networks. Say your phone is locked to UK O2 this means you cant use any other sim card then a UK O2 sim card. If your phone is unlocked this means you can use more than one network sim card on your phone. Getting your phone unlocked is easy some times free. Most phones can be unlocked for a small fee. A lot phones come unlocked. Easy way to find out if your phone is unlocked or locked is try a O2 sim card and a Vodafone(U can try this with any networks) sim card in your phone and if they both work then your phone is unlocked if they don't then your phone is locked.

Lots of mobiles can be unlocked for free. Just about every mobile phone can be unlocked for a price. Best way to unlock your mobile is to call your network they can unlock your phone over the phone in most cases. 

Registering a New Zealand sim card is easy and can be done online before you go to New Zealand. If you need any help with this let me know.

If you need any more help on  New Zealand sim cards or backpacking New Zealand i be very pleased to help as im a backpacker my self from the UK.

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