New eBay FeedBack Policy's - A Blessing In Disguise

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There's been a new update to ebay feedback policy. As some of you may be aware eBay made significant changes to the Feedback system to improve seller standards and give buyers even greater confidence and trust when buying on the site. As a result we've all had to up our game and give excellent customer service. Some may or may not aggree. Well, I happen to think the customer's key and if they're getting a better service, all power to them.

Yeah I know, the fact that the seller can't leave a negative feedback on the buyers account sucks and it took me a little while to get my head around that one. The only thing I can say is unless another competitior site comes a long and knocks eBay off its pirch we're gonna have to adjust and change to stay ahead of the game.

Here's what they're gonna do in the latter part of the year:

Recalculating Feedback percentages without neutrals

Effective in late August, neutrals will no longer be counted as part of the Feedback percentage. This means they'll be recalculating Feedback percentages retroactively for users worldwide. In the interim, no one will lose their PowerSeller status as a result of neutrals being included in their Feedback percentage.

Helping you resolve disputes and satisfy buyers
It's believed that by the end of October, eBay will introduce a new process to help sellers resolve disputes with buyers, even after Feedback has been left by the buyer. Don't get too excited though........this isn't a re-introduction of the old Mutual Feedback Withdrawal process, which could be abused by some sellers to place undue pressure on buyers to withdraw their Feedback. I believe there'll be more of a consultation process and it'll probably take a lot longer.

Here's my top tips to stay ahead of the game:

1. Try to get your items sent out as soon as possible. I know for some this isn't easy with work commitments etc but it'll increase your "delivery" score and will score additional bonus points with your customer.

2. If you get mail from your customer, again, try to respond to them as quick as possible and try to resolve things in the first reply. You're only gonna be wasting valuable time and energy playing email soccer with your customer. Moreover it'll only upset them the longer you drag things out.

3. I know this is common sense, but make sure your item is well packaged. If you look at one of the main bug bears on the forum's, it's badily packed items with little or no presentation whatsoever.

4. Lastly, treat the customer as KING. Yeah, I know, this ain't easy and at times it really sucks. Just think about visiting your local clothing store and analyse the service you get there. If the sales assistant is willing to help, points you in the direction of the latest bargains etc. your more likley to purchase something than if they were grumpy and started calling you names when you came up with a valid objection. Look, I'm not saying to get on your hands and knees a bow down to the customer. I'm just saying good ole fashion service still goes a long way whether it's offline or online.

We all hate change and it can some times it can be a hard pill to swallow, I'm just saying grab your hat, adjust,adapt, and go with the flow and give as good service as possible. Not only will you see your feedback score improve, you'll be one step ahead of the competition who are still in the old mode of abusing their customers if they come up with certain objections or even simple questions like "how do I load the cd you just sent me" (I still get these type of questions).

Good luck in your ventures.

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