New eBay Users Wanting Feedback/Buy It Now Feature

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I have noticed that a lot of new users are looking for ways to get feedback quickly (who are also looking to add the buy it now feature to their listings)

Many eBay users believe that the most effective way of doing this, is by purchasing someone else's account (but this is both risky and messy, and as a result I do not recommend neither do I suggest that you try this option).

Instead, you can do one of two things:

  • Find items (specifically eBooks) worth 1p, and purchase many of these (making prompt payment). This will give you as much feedback as you like for very little money (£1.00 for 100 pieces of individual feedback).

Note: If you choose to get feedback using the above method, do not purchase more than one eBook from each buyer, as your feedback score will not rise for consecutive items you purchase from the dealer).

  • Consider setting up an eBay store by going to My Ebay>My Account>Subscriptions>Ebay Shop, and subscribing to the service (then setting up the store according to your needs). Once you have a shop subscription, you will then be able to add the buy it now feature to your listings, on multiple quantities of the same item at a price less than 99p. Subscribing to this service will allow you to bypass the restrictions made on accounts with less than 10 pieces of feedback, such as the inability to add the 'buy it now feature'.

For the first month, shops will not cost you anything to subscribe to. After the first 30 days, this subscription will cost £6.00 a month, with listing fees of around 30p per listing (and listings can last as long as you like, with a relisting fee of 3p).

After you have sold a few items using the second method, you will no longer need to worry about such restrictions, as they will be lifted anyhow.

This concludes my guide for now, if any information is missing please contact me and I will make appropriate amendments.

Thank you for reading my guide, Shaundasheep of Oimi Inc - Helping You To Help Yourself.

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