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I only buy on ebay,but over the last couple of months I have been advised by many Sellers that the new Feedback System of Buyers giving ratings of 1 to 5 stars for 1/ Was the item actually what was ordered?,2/ What was the Sellers communication like?,3/ How quickly did the seller despatch the item?,and 4/ Were the Postal charges Ok,or excessive?.Before I carry on I am assuming the Buyer has given Postive feedback.

Sellers  who I have dealt with on many occasions tell me that unless they are given 5 stars for everything they are in fact receiving negative feedback as they have to achieve an overall average performance of 4.6%,which I agree is tough to say the least.

But on every transaction everything cannot be 100%.On the majority of transactions the item description is usually fine,although I have had a couple of exceptions to this rule(i.e fake DVD's,or CD,s,which are what I deal in!), so I give 5 out of 5.

Communication is another strange one as I do not always hear anything from some Sellers even though I email to confirm when I will/have made payment and do not get a response as to when I will receive my item..So I normally give a rating of 4 out of 5  for this if the transaction goes OK.

Next: How quickly did the Seller despatch the item?.If the Seller has received my payment and takes a week (Quite normal I am sorry to say,I give another 4 out of 5.Very generous I would say!.Ofcourse I have to take into account Royal Mail's devery times for 1st and 2nd Class Mail (A Lottery!),but if the Buyer emails telling they have a problem of any kind,I give 5 stars.

Finally,Were the Postal charges acceptable?.We all know that some Sellers hike up the Postal Charges in a lot of cases,and I have to pay(Yes I agreed to this when I entered the contract) £2.75,or more for a Second Class letter.

Even with the putting the item in a Jiffy bag and going to the Post office some people may think this is still a bit much.So I give another 4out of 5.So I think if I give Postive feedback,confirm that the item was what I ordered,and give 4 for everything else i have given very good feedback.In transactons where the performance has deserved 5 out of 5 for everything I give it.

However, i do think the 4.6% performance average for sellers is extremely high and the system as it is now is difficult for sellers to achieve,and I have no personal axe to grind,as I have confirmed I do not sell on Ebay,but maybe Ebay should look at this again as they,and I need sellers to be happy with their lot as we need them!.I hope this has made some sense as if you want to respond plse do so.





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