New ebayer problems

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Now,  i know most newbies are fine and just want to get started. But my problems with newbies has got to the stage where i refuse to let them bid on my items before contacting me.

For people who have experienced any of the follwing:

  • a newbie who wont pay or says they dont know how to
  • a newbie who "accidently " bid
  • a newbie who didnt read the listing correctly

I thought i'd write a quick note on my suggestions. Ive had so many problems now and have ended up giving more money away than they have paid. Ive drawn the line now.

Any one who is genuine will contact you.

Just make a polite notice in bold under your listing expressing your wishes for the to email you.

This has solved all my problems and now im back to hassle free ebay again :-)

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