New ebayers

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I`m fairly new to Ebay because I have recently moved back to UK after living few year abroad

I have seen many negatives guides about new ebayers , members with 0 or less than 10 positive feedback

I agree some of them might be a scammers as they only way you can judge someone on Ebay is by their feedback  however they are plenty of new members out there who are genuine and honest

Members with large feedback or registered for a long time forgetting  that we all have to start one day and it isnt fair to to treat someone as a  "scammer" from a start , please give some chance to new ebayers , get to know them better and after that judge them

I mean someone with 0 feedback selling 100 expensive mobile phones will be most surely a scammer but  a new ebayer who is selling for example baby clothes , shoes etc can hardly be a scam artist

There is a big stigma about buyers with 0 feedback or registered less than 30 days  but please do not assume everyone is a bad person because of that , give them a chance !


Thank you & happy ebaying


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