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Hi everyone!

I have just written a guide on my psychic readings so i would thought i would write one about normal auctions!

I sell allot on ebay mainly my childrens things,my clothes and anything i dont use!

But of course these things are up to a good standard that you would expect to buy yourself,

Also i think that customer service is important if some one has a question that need answering and communication all the way through till they receive there item,i think its very important and is something that i can not stand is lack of communication!

The main reason i wanted to write this guide is for new ebayers i have had to help allot of new ebayers because they are all unsure about how mainly to sell things,it is quite confusing to a techinal person nevermind a non one eh ladies!!! :)

I think all you have to remember when listing things is to describe things to the best of your ability,
Take a decent picture of your item,
Make sure you put of your item has any marks or stains,
When your writing the title for a listing remember to put as much information as possible and think about when your looking for things what people put in when they want to buy something,
So for example if you were selling a boys bundle of next clothes size 6-12 months you would put,
''Boys clothes,baby next bundle size 6-12 months''
Because people normally put ''boys clothes 6-12 months''
Remember to always put a size if your selling clothes,
And to make your listing eye catching and not just dull!
There is a very good website where there is free templetes and you can upload free photos which i think is really good,it can be quite complicated and time consuming but it is all worth it to flash off your item as much as possible!
And also make sure you put your items in the right section so you dont want to put pet items in baby stuff!!lol!

I also think that gallery helps aswell,because when people look through they tend to scan so if your item catches there eye first time round you have more chance of your item getting bids,and also if you can offer paypal because people are covered if anything does go wrong!

Try and write about me page if you can telling everyone about your self,and put your terms and conditions in for piostage and shipping etc..

But please try not to put your e-mail address in listings as you will get chinise wholesalers e-mailing you and chatting to you on msn if you have it,

And also there is people sending out fake e-mails to try and get your password and this can be confusing for new ebayers,please report anything like this straight away to!

If you feel you need help just ask ebay or ask more experiance sellers like me and we well i am anyway always happy to help we all have to start some where! :)

Take care,happy ebaying,i no i am addicted!:)

Stacy xxx
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