New mobile phones on Ebay!!!!!!!!!

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Be VERY careful when buying mobile phones on Ebay!!!!!!!!! Why???? Because many who sells brand new mobile phones on ebay report their phones stolen/lost after they have sold it to get money or a new phone back on their insurance. This will leave you with a BIG problem because when a phone is reported stolen/lost the service provider blocks the phone. This means that the phone gets barred on all network and will become unusable. This happened to me recently. And the scum seller reported the phone that I bought stolen/lost 60 days after I bought which means I cannot open a dispute through Ebay. And do you think I will get hold of the seller now? Of course not, doesnt reply to email or phone calls..... In many cases you will be better off getting a brand new phone from a phone provider, because that deal you think for the brand new BNIB phone is so great might not be so great after all. It might just turn out to be blocked/barred after a while. So the least you can do is to demand the original receipt for the phone as well. Or contact the police if you should find yourself in this situation.....
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