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Being a mum can be a daunting time lots of mixed emotions scared, happy, excite,d anxious. The last thing you want to be worrying about is wipes nappys bags etc. here i am going to tell you my experience in bulk buying and what i found best. The last thing you want to be worrying about is where and what to buy when you dont have as much time or money. I found bulk buying brilliant and mother and baby events make the most of. Stock up. I bought all sorts pampers, huggies, morrisons, tesco, aldi you name it. Luckily my favourite brand was and still is aldi. I say luckily because it tends to be the cheapest too. I found wuite a few of the more well known brands leaked and gave my daughter a rash and a bery sore bum and were also a lot more expensive. Obviously everyone is different and you have to try what works for you but it doesnt have to cost the earth. Same with wipes i really dont know what i did before i didnt buy them i use them for almost everything. Again dont have to buy the most expensive and bulk buy in boxes is the key when you use them day in day out the last thing you want to be soending is about £1 per pack i personally buy value packs but always in bulk. Make the most of baby events offers deals. Bulk buy washing powder as your washing machine will always be on. You will find what works for you but always usefull to hear what works and what doesnt from others! 
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