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What a daunting place Ebay can be when you first arrive, daunting but very exciting. You have recently found one of the best places to buy things you love and often at very low prices.

I will try and think of some of the most common queries to start but please do feel free to contact me if you feel there is something important I have left out.

Firstly, Most buyers and sellers are here for honest reasons, you can win an item, pay for it, recieve it, leave feedback and recieve feedback and everything is wonderful, but sadley this is not always the case and problems can arrise. I am writting this guide for real Newbies not Ebayers that know most of this and probably more than I myself do.

How do I search for an item?

This bit is quite easy, there are two ways to do a search,

 firstly you could press the 'BUY' button on the top of all pages, that will take you to a huge menu of catagories, click on the catagory you are interested in and you will get a more specific menu, carry on until you are on the full page of items, here you will see, pictures, current prices, postal charges and time remaining. You will also see a menu on the left...The top part of this will show some more options (eg. if your looking for a ladies t-shirt you may find options such as colour, size, type etc) and the lower halfwill give options such as 'buy it now' (will only show buy it now items not items up for bidding) Paypal (will only show items that the seller will accept Paypal) I think you get the idea.

The other way to search is type in the item you are looking for in the search box on top of all pages. Do Not type...Jewellery, instead type something like...Sterling silver Barbie girls necklace....Get the idea? If you type in Jewellery you will get approx 25,000 items (this is a guesstimation) If you type in Sterling silver Barbie girls necklace you may get 25...much easier to search through 25 items don't you think?!

What is feedback?

Feedback is a crucial thing on Ebay, it will tell you alot about your seller, how protected you will be and generally if this is someone you may want to do business with. This is also a way for people to see (at this early stage) what sort of buyer you are.

I strongly suggest that you buy a few items (eg.20) before trying to sell. This is for a couple of reasons. Firstly people will be very reserved about buying from you if you have a feedback rating lower than 100 let alone if you are trying before a feedback of 10. For the record Feedback ratings are next to every Ebayers screen name. This is every comment regarding the Ebayers transactions, both buying and selling.

If trying to sell imediatly then just be aware that alot of people will stear clear because of your low feedback, this is not anything you are doing wrong it is purely because of those fraudsters that sadley get everywhere...including Ebay. If you would like to read someones feedback just click on there rating and you will be taken to there feedback page, this is where you find out about there quality of items, speed of sending, communication skills, fairness of postal charges etc

The idea of feedback is that once the transaction is fully complete both parties leave a comment (and recently the buyers also leave anonamous star ratings) this is for future buyers and sellers referance, great idea...once it's understood.

Sadley People new to Ebay (including me once) can be quite unreasonable with there feedback, not knowingly I am sure, so I would like to give a little advice on this subject too.

When you are the buyer, you commit to buy an item then pay for it...why has the seller not left you feedback? I didn't understand this at first, now I do, I would like to share...

A seller could leave you possitive feedback regarding your payment and then send the the seller is sitting without feedback or item! You may have every intention of leaving feedback but many don't I am afraid.

Normal protocol for feedback is that when you recieve an item if you are completely happy leave possitive feedback, many sellers have it set up for an automated service, so as soon as possitive feedback is left for them it will automatically leave possitive feedback for you. If you don't recieve feedback within a week then don't be afraid to Email the seller and ask nicely for them to do so. We were all new once and sometimes it is just overlooked.

If you are not happy with your item please don't straight away leave negative or neutral feedback, firstly contact the seller by Email, If they are happy to help solve the problem then surely that is a possitive thing. If you recieve no answer to your Email, I always suggest a second attempt a day or two later, unlike myself most people don't sit at there p.c all day! If you still do not recieve an answer or the seller is in no way helpful then maybe this does require a less than possitive feedback, Mostly sellers will do there best to resolve a problem as no-one here wants negatives.

Please note that looking on sellers past feedbacks you can often see how they will react to problems arising. For eg. If you see on any feedback page 'mutually agreed to withdraw feedback' this means that there was a problem that was fairly sorted out, this says to me the seller cares!

How do I pay?

Paypal Paypal Paypal :o)

Okay this is only a recommendation for the following reasons..

1) Most sellers prefer Paypal

2) If the money is either in your bank or Paypal account (confirmed) then it is instant payment to the seller = quicker delivery of item to you.

3) Item does not arrive and seller not at all's can be a lengthy process but you will more than likely get refunded by Paypal (don't lie though, you may need a crime scene number)

4) some sellers feel more secure in selling to people with a confirmed Paypal address (Paypal talk you through the process, takes up to a week to confirm but worth it)

5) unlike banks Paypal convert into other currencies to my knowledge without charge whereas my bank charges £1.50 per item paid in different currencies (handy if you want to by from US etc)

6) Postal orders cost extra whereas sending payments via Paypal is free.

7) the seller NEVER sees your card details, it is strictly Paypal only!

I'm afraid thats all I can think of right now, but a few good reasons I think.

I would suggest never paying over the phone by credit card. Direct bank transfer or Bankers drafts are what I would suggest if you really are against the idea of Paypal.



This can vary depending on how quickly the seller despatches the item, whether it was sent 1st or 2nd class and of course if it is an international purchase.

We all know how exciting it is waiting for an item and how it always seams to take forever to get to you, please bear in mind weekends and national holidays too. If an item is sent normal delivery the post office will not do anything until 15days after it was sent, so, although some sellers are happy to sort this out before hand, some you may have to wait until they can get the p/o involved and others will try not to take any responsibility. It is always worth filing an item not recieved dispute just in case, I think you can do this approx 10days after payment.

How do I access items I've won?

When you have bought an item it will show up in 'My Ebay' if you are new, it should be on your main page, if not, look in the list on the left hand side of your screen, it will have options like...buying, bidding, selling on 'won'

To Pay, Email the selller, leave feedback, report an unpaid item etc

Next to the item bought there is a drop down menu (normally starts with either mark payment sent or Pay now) Even if intending to send Payment via RM (royal mail) click the 'Pay now' it will give you the option to tell the seller that you are indeed sending payment, or the option to pay immediatly. Again if sending payment once it is in the post (make sure you put details in of your name address and item number, if a seller just gets a postal order he may not know which item it is for), click mark payment as sent. This is all really for respect to the seller, they can see when a payment has been marked as sent and know when to expect it. It also gives them the security (as you are new to Ebay) that you are intending to complete payment.

What if I commit to buy an item and no longer want it or don't have money for a few days?

The main thing is EMAIL THE SELLER each situation is different and so is each seller but most things can be sorted out with good communication, if it is a matter of no available funds then the seller may be prepared to wait a few days but only if you keep up communication, If you no longer want the item for whatever reason, the seller is the only one that can let you out of the contract without an unpaid item strike.

What is an unpaid item strike?

If you are serious about shopping on Ebay, you don't want these. I have on my listings that anyone with two unpaid strikes in 30days can not even bid on my items...These are in addition to any Negative feedbacks. If a seller sees that you have unpaid item strikes or negative feedback in the early days of Ebay they can refuse your bid and sell to someone else.

I hope this little guide has helped, please do rate it so I know wether to ever write another :o)



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