New to Ebay

Like if this guide is helpful

If you are new to the ebay world then there is help at hand for you. 

I will run though some of the things that you need to know.

1. If you are looking for a item to buy then don't just go on the price as some people may take money without giving you the goods.  But this is where the feedback comes in and you sould look at it to see what others have to say.

Feedback is the way you can know if the person can be trusted as when you buy things from a seller its good to leave feedback. 

So you see the item you like and you can use sometime buy it now or bid for it.  Now buy it now means that you are buying that item from the seller and you must then pay for it.  Sorry there is no getting out of paying for the item as your seller can leave bad feedback and your score goes down by one point. 

Ok you have now paid for the item and the seller will get a e-mail from ebay telling them that the item has been sold.  Within a few days you should get your item but if not then please e-mail the seller as we all get busy and forget to sell items to each other.  I had one buyer that seem to not pay up but he did e-mail saying what was up and was sorry.  I let him off as his work place had been break into.  So its always nice to e-mail someone and be friendly with them as he or she may not wise to do business with you again. 

Now when the item does arrive I check it over and then when I can I send the seller some feedback to say to other how things want.


Feedback can work out well if used right so this is why good use of e-mails is a great idea.  Now say your seller sent the item and its really good then I would say that to all the used.  You must think of what to say as the seller will see it and can put good things as well as bad.  Now if something is wrong with your item then e-mail the seller and see if then would be happy to help you with it.  I learn that the hard way as I put down some programs don't work.  But if I would of asked the seller he may of been able to help me.  Only give good feedback when things go allright, but if things are not going well and he/she is not answering your e-mails then take it to e-bay and see if that sorts the thing out.  You can give bad feedback but watch out as if you do your will get bad feedback yourself.  If you are just starting then you are on a 0 score and to get that first number means getting someone to leave good feedback.  But what is feedback there for then. 

Feedback you leave means this person does send out goods or he/she does pay for good fast.  Ebay does not have any law persons checking up on us.  But it does have safe ways of stopping people using it.  One way is you must enter your address onto the system and your card information is on the system.  But I never get the card number if you buy items from me or anyone come to that.  But we do get your address and the system tells us if your address is the right one.  So you get go and ask for goods to be sent to you at any address.  So that how it works and if you do have any questions for me I like to help anyone. 

Bye for now and happy bidding and buying on e-bay.

From seller dhora123



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