New to selling on E-bay, read this first!

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Hello, I am an E-bayer, I buy and sell goods on E-bay!

I don't do this for a living, but I do know what I'm doing, and I'm going to help you get started!

Some equipment you'll need : Digital camera ( high resolution not essential but good picture quality is ), items to sell, some spare time, a set of kitchen scales (for weighing your goods, so you can charge the right amount of postage and packing), postage and packaging materials (padded envelope, bubble wrap, brown paper, sellotape, esc ).

E-bay's selling format is easier to use these days and is pretty straight forward to follow, we'll skip how to use it!

Some problems you might encounter are : Paypal (you'll need to set an account up so you can receive payments for sold goods, also so you can buy goods with as well, account setup can be time consuming), E-mail address (creating a new one intended only to deal with E-bay and paypal communications is reccommended, helps you to spot fakes e-mails you might receive more easily)

As you are new to selling with a low feedback rating, some protential bidders are not going to trust you, this is normal, there have been a lot of scammers on e-bay over the past few years, but they give themselves away with what they sell (usually high value electrical goods like ipods and PSP consoles) and there unpronoucable titles.

So to start with, sell a few second hand goods laying round your house, like DVD's you don't watch, CD's you never listen to, you get the general idea, just to build up a good rating so you can sell in bigger bulk in the future!

Postage and Packaging : The royal mail website has a full list of prices for shipping goods around the UK and worldwide, offering worldwide postage is a good idea on light weight goods as you will attract more bidders, some sellers feel the need to charge far more postage than an item requires, this is designed to catch out bidders who don't read though an item properly, this is generally frowned upon by experienced bidders, just add (item weight and envelope weight) + (Envelope cost) to get your actual postage costs, round up to the nearest ten pence as people generally like working with round numbers! example  110g DVD + 20g padded envelope = 130g, 130g UK large letter second class = 60p + 25p envelope = 85p, round up to 90p!

Simple staring guide!

1: take a good quality photo of your item, for example whilst photoing a DVD, show case and DVD in the same picture, people like to see what there buying or bidding!

2: Transfer photos to P.C.

3: Sell your item under the right category, get it wrong and most people won't see your item, E-bay has a new item related category which does a good job for items your not sure about!

4: Quote what an item is, give facts, try not to put any personal opinions down, quote any faults an item has too,

5: State you'll be happy to answer any queries or question bidders may have, sounds daft but it works!

6: Most bidding on E-bay happens in the last hour of an items sale, but having said that, if an item finishing at 3am, not many people are going to be awake to bid, ending your auction in an evening (5pm to 9pm) is recommended!

7: Post items only when payment has been received and cleared, no if's, no but's, paypal is instant 99% of the time, but there is a small fee, cheques need time to cash and clear, postal orders are okay, cash is not recommended but is okay for items like cars or items you can't post like beds and fridges!

Note: if someone is paying by cheque, make sure the cheque is for the right amount, a scam happened once where people were cashing high value cheques for relatively low value items and sending the remainer amount back to the buyer, it is a scam, don't fall for it!

8: Post items as soon as practically possible, also, keep postal receipts, they are proof that you have posted an item, they can help you out if some one says an item has not arrived, keep them to one side somewhere safe!

9: Giving feedback to buyers, usually happens when they pay for there goods!

Tip : offer a postage discount on multiple items, this encourages multiple bidding

10: Any disputes, deal with them quickly and fairly, E-bay has a strict selling policy that must be adhered to!

Tip : Your trash maybe someone else's treasure, even if it is damaged or not working, but you can't sell just about everything on E-bay, there are some items that are prohibited, E-bay has a full guide on what you can't sell of either legal or postal or moral reasons, if in doubt, check before you sell!

I hope I have helped you on your way to being a member of E-bay!

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