Newbie Guides For Making Money Online Part Four

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Hi there,

my name is Richard, Ebay Powerseller  djrichardfenn .

I've been selling ebooks on Ebay and my own websites for
about 12 months now and I've put together this short 10 part guide
for newbies to decide whether selling online is for them.

Here is the fourth part of my 10 part newbies guide to
online profits.


Create a unique selling proposition (USP) for your product /website.

Find ways to make your business stand out from the crowd.
Make yourself and your web site unique in some way and
provide things that others don’t offer. They can be as
tangible as half-price sales, contests, seasonal sales,
freebies or reports. They can also make your business site
higher in quality than the rest.

That is important because there really is no purpose of
your Internet Business to exist if you have a million
visitors coming to view your site but too few of them
actually become your customers (a conversion rate of less
than 1% is rated poor).

Here’s what you can do to create your own USP. Take a brand
new piece of paper and write, “I know how most…” Then,
half-way down the page, write “Well, what I do is…”

The purpose of this activity is to know how most businesses
in your field are in the first place and then you write
what tells you and your Internet Business apart from them.
This will take a while to do. Checking on your
competition’s USP is part of the activity, too.

Next, you will want to write out many phrases or sentences.
This can take days but it will be worth it for your
Internet Business in the long run. Once you have just the
right phrase, that will be your USP which you will use to
separate you from all of the competition. Now, that is what
I call UNIQUE!

Write sales copy that gets results!

Your website must be treated as a sales letter, not a
brochure. That’s because brochures don’t sell. Let me

Brochures just inform their viewers of a product or
service. But they won’t help you make even a sale (unless
that is really what you want but hey, I have yet to meet
anyone who wants to be in business to lose sales!).

Your sales letter consists of primarily:

•    Headline

•    Sub-headline

•    Benefits vs. Features

•    USP

•    Free / Special Offer

You have to find a headline that will grab the attention of
your visitors or else they will not read the rest of your
sales letter. This is very crucial – the headline will make
or break your sales letter!

Assuming, you’re selling an instructional video on how to
play soccer professionally, so you must come up with an
attention-grabbing headline for your product like the

“Learn To Play Soccer Like A Pro In Just 7 Days”

Visitors especially Soccer enthusiasts (but not pros) would
definitely stop dead in their tracks and read on to learn
more about your product.

WARNING: Do not give false promises or mention something
you cannot or don’t intend to deliver in your sales letter
in the attempt to get your customers to buy from you. This
is important business practice regardless of any form of
business you are doing. For instance, if this product
cannot guarantee its students to be a Soccer professional
in a week, then the product should be named otherwise or
not make into the lights of the day.

To learn more you could buy the
complete guide which is listed in my  Ebay Shop.

Warm regards,
Richard - Ebay Powerseller  djrichardfenn

My Ebay Ebook Store

p.s. look out for Part Five coming soon!

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