Newcomers guide to buying from eBay sellers.

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Hi, there,

I've had instances as a seller, of new buyers getting into a mess by not reading all of the auction item page.

It is very important for a smooth transaction, for new buyers to read ALL of the auction item page, including the PAYMENT ACCEPTED terms and the RETURNS policy.

If the buyer finds that the sellers terms are unacceptable, but they would like the item, then the first course of action would be to contact the buyer BEFORE bidding to get more acceptable terms. I WANT to sell my items, so I gladly welcome messages from my buyers and try to come to an understanding with them. There is no such thing as "IT MIGHT BE A STUPID QUESTION", all questions should be treated in the same way, and dealt with honestly and QUICKLY.

As a new buyer, finding your way around is very arkward and sometimes very time consuming. I'm sure that most eBayer's would help you with any questions about eBay that you might have and don't forget Ebay have various other ways of helping too.

I hope this helps


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