Newer Technology miniStack MAX Vs. Seagate 600

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Shopping for hard drives can be intimidating for shoppers. Each product has its own merits and there are a vast number of options to compare. The Newer Technology and Seagate are both suitable picks for telecommuters and IT professionals alike. The Newer Technology stands out with its generous storage capacity, however the Seagate deserves credit for its solid-state memory.
Features Newer Technology miniStack MAX Seagate 600
Hard Drive Type Portable SSD (Solid State Drive)
Buffer Size 32 MB Not Specified
Spindle Speed 7200 RPM Not Specified
Hard Drive Enclosure External External

Newer Technology miniStack MAX

The Newer Technology has a 500 GB to 4 TB storage capacity, so you can hold onto all your prized multimedia files and mp3s. What's more, the Newer Technology's 7200 RPM rotation speed lets you quickly transfer large photo and video archives. You can quickly sift through files thanks to its 32 MB buffer size.

Seagate 600

The Seagate has solid-state memory, so you can keep data safe even in extreme conditions. Furthermore, its 120 GB to 480 GB storage capacity helps you preserve all of your collected video games and digital music.

Comparing the Newer Technology miniStack MAX Vs Seagate 600

The Newer Technology and the Seagate stack up quite evenly in their specifications. The Newer Technology has a larger available storage capacity, allowing you to store many more videos, songs, and games. However, the Seagate has solid-state memory, so you can count on more reliable operation. In the final analysis, both products perform very well.

Buying On eBay

eBay is your destination to find Newer Technology hard drives in addition to Seagate hard drives since you can compare seller ratings or reach out to sellers via the "Ask a Question" feature. Confidently make your purchase decision by considering eBay top-rated sellers who are known for providing helpful information, earning positive feedback from buyers, and shipping products promptly. With free shipping available, you don't need to wait any longer.
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