Nigeria Ebay Scam

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So i would just like to share my story with the rest of Ebay Sellers. I have been selling a few things on ebay for the past couple weeks. And serveral times my things have sold to a newly listed member, then i get the whole fake paypal emails and the fake ebay emails. Only having to relist the item again! Ebay are good at removing all the charges (Listing fee and Selling fee), BUT... After having it done to me i finally decided to send them something!

This is what i have done...

They bought my Iphone 3G, i got the fake paypal email, i replyed and said i would send the parcel ASAP, so i got my spare iphone box, and my sons dirty nappy, and i put the contents of the nappy within the iphone box, and around the iphone inner box, then put the box lid on, wich hides all traces of poo, until they open it! I then sent it to the address they gave me, Recorded delivery, and now im just waiting for it to be received! Probally going to be another 2 days.

My guide is, Always log on to your paypal account and check if the funds are there. Any money being held by paypal will show on your account. And if someone asked you to ship something to Nigeria, i would 90% say its a scam.

After i gave them the tracking number, they sent an email thanking me for it, BUT not only that, they send me another fake paypal email, saying i need to wire £100 to an address with western union, and then my funds would be released. Its so dumb and someone has to be extremily stupid to fall for it.


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