Nigeria Mobile Phone Scam

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Reference to below the same thing was tried on me...  I was selling a mobile phone recently and someone bid from the USA and won the item.  They then contacted me via email saying that they were happy to increase their offer to £200 (when they had purchased it for just over £100??) if i would ship it to an unknown Nigeian address.

They stated that this random guy had done some work for them over in USA and that they wanted to send it to them as a thank you Christmas present??  I thought this was very peculiar and odd so spoke to my local police station and the internet and realised it is a scam.  They also send you a fake email from paypal saying that the amount has been paid into your paypal account, but when you check on it there is nothing there!!!

Due to this i contacted ebay and also withdrew my offer...  I then relisted my item saying UK only sales on registered addresses...

I want people to be made aware of this as this could have cost me big time!!!  Also i blocked the buyers email address from my account incase he hacked into it...

Just to make people aware to beware!


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