Nigeria Scam

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I to was one of the unfortunates scammed by the low life scum that pose as buyers from Nigeria.

I sold a couple of mobile phones on ebay without any problems and started to get the hang of it, untill I got a offer that was hard to refuse or so I thought.  I closed the bidding early and accepted their bid.  I then got a spoof email from paypal saying that it was paid (which looked genuine)and they needed a tracking number from the post office, I  posted the parcel the same day got the tracking number and emailed it to them only to be warned shortly after from a collegue that the same thing happened to her.  I rushed back to the post office and got my parcel back in time, then contacted the email address I had for them in nigreia and told them exactly what I thought of him/her.

I have noticed that they are still doing it, this should be on the ebay homepage warning people of this SCAM.



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