Nigeria Scam and Royal Mail

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I have recently fell for this scam, there is plenty of guides on this scam but worst of all was royal mail! I paid £120 for the delivery of the goods and insurance, but when I got home I realized the mistake i had made. The buyer had left eBay and all of their feedback was from 99p items, and the paypal messages had not arrived on my eBay account.

 I thought I could contact parcel force to return the item to sender,  but when i spoke to them it is against the law for them to tamper with the packages. I explained my situation and what has happened, but their response was just hope for the best!!! The insurance I paid for the item also is not valid.

If you fall for this scam please follow this, contact both the police, eBay and paypal. You can try and get the item back from parcel force, but the item is out of the country within 24hrs, so if you can get in contact with the police quick enough you stand a chance of getting the item returned. Once you have a crime reference number and the police can not retrieve the item, contact your home insurance company (if you are insured)  you will be out of pocket for the payment of shipment and the claiming on the insurance. This is the method I used and lost £300 in total, but i did get insurance on the item I lost.

I just hope no one else falls for this scam, from now on I would tell anyone to just wait till the money is in your account before you post and only post to the UK.

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