Nigeria eBay Scams

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*****BE AWARE****

I recently sold my first item i have ever sold on ebay which was a mobile phone...  I got a very good asking price for it from a bidder from the USA....  However, he spoke to via email and was happy to pay £200 into my paypal account....  Great i thought...  However, after checking things out on the net and down my local police station, this is believed to a scam!!!!

He told me he was in the USA but then wanted the item shipped to Nigeria for a friend who had been staying with them...  If this is true then i apologise in advance...  However, due to above i think its a scam!!!

Due to this i reported the male to ebay and have withdrawn my offer....

He has been with ebay since 2001 but has never sold anything and there is no feedback...

Although it looked like a fantastic money making deal i would rather not take the risk...

Plus if you take into consideration....  How can a UK made mobile phone ever work in Nigeria etc etc... 



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