Nigeria mobile phone scam!

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I decided to do this small write up and share my experience as a seller with fellow trust worthy ebayers. The so-called NIGERIAN scammers got me twice one week in a row. After winning my auction, one cleverly[or so he/she thought] send me a phoney paypal page demanding i send the phone to a address in Nigeria! Well i have been arround ebay for a while and this prompted me to check on the links, which concluded my doubts and i forwarded the mail to ebay spoof email reporting department. What followed was even more cleverly put up, because the mail came from an ebay page saying that that account has been restored to the original owner and thus i should consider the transaction as genuine and send the phone to the Nigerian address! Once more i checked the links and satisfied that it was the same con, o forwarded to the spoof email handlers at ebay. The con did not stop there and now followed a legal mail from their paypal page demanding that i send the phone to the Nigerian address or face legal action since funds were held at their paypal money dispatch office[as they call it]! Once again i forwaded this to ebay and having had enough of these spam mails i started blocking them from my inbox- all mails from this con buyer. This happened to me twice. One scammer was in the US, japan and the other in London. These con artists are hard to dodge and no matter what you do to block them from your auctions they find ways to get through. CAUTION! i fell once for these fake pages and what saved me was that after realising that i had entered my ebay password into a fake webpage.. i logged into my ebay account and changed the password immediately. That saved me. My advice is when you get these guys report them to ebay and block their email addresses from even reaching your spam box. I hope this will HELP someone not to fall into the hands of these crooks.
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