Nigeria scam!

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ello fello ebayers!! just thought id let you all know that theres some rite dodgy scams on ere..if your selling something in an auction like i was, if someone with a weird name like kunlab444444 or summit ofers you a really great price witch sounds to good to be IS! because i was oferd 190 squid for ma phone when i only expected bout 80, this is what they sent me...

hello seller,
will you accept £190.00 including postage for your item to nigeria via Royalmail first class post? does it come in its original box? as am buying it for my fiancee who works there.
i am paying, you through my paypal account. i would have love to bid, but i do not have much time to spend on the PC due to my job. do get back to me with your paypal id so i can make payment right away ok
get back to me asap...
hope you are having a good day??

so i was like weeeheeeyy, roll in the money! but it all seemed suspicious so i asked my friend bout it an he said NOO! dont do it and he was rite, the unknown ebayer had no feedback, only had joind ebay 4 a day and was a big con!

hope this helped. l8erz

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