Nigerian Mobile Phone Paypal SCAM WARNING

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Nigerian Paypal SCAM WARNING

This has been going for a long while but I thought I would warn people and share my experience. I have noticed these scammers target sellers selling small items like mobile phones, ipods, hard drives - things of high value but very small and easy to post. Often they bid top wack and you think you've made a good sale. Then the scam starts.

My experience is as below:

I was selling an old mobile phone not a particular expensive one at that. I got what I thought was about the going rate for it - my auction said UK delivery only but when I clicked on the buyers " view order details" I saw a Nigerian address - alarm bells!! I looked at the buyer feedback it was low but 100% positive. I emailed the buyer and said I do not post to Nigeria and I will be cancelling the transaction. I had an email back stating he would pay whatever the postage / shipping cost was a bit more for my trouble - so to see who it would play out I said something like £40 for delivery (I had no intention of sending anything!) The email response was "OK I will send you a paypal payment". Shortly after I receive what looked a payment receipt notification email from paypal saying he had paid. I checked my eBay account the £ symbol was still washed out - I then checked my paypal account and nothing had been received. As I dont like scammers in any form I emailed him some abuse and said I was going to report him. Just as I was about to report him the whole auction vanished!! and I received a notice from eBay that the buyer had reported an unauthorised transaction on his account and they had cancelled the transaction. I had no way of reporting him or leaving any kind of warning feedback.


There are a few precautions you can take to avoid anything like this happening to you.
  • When listing your item block any bidders who are not in countries you post to (tick the selection)
  • Put a warning on your auction - as this may make them think twice
  • If you are posting abroad anywhere check you actually have the money first - check the £ symbol in eBay has been highlighted and check your paypal account to see if the money is actually there
  • Never click on links from emails to log into your ebay account or paypal account as this could be part of the scam too and they end up with your login information
  • If you are in the slightest bit suspcious that there is a scam happening report them to ebay

Dont get caught out!!

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