Nigerian Mobile Phone Scammers

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My mate actually sold a mobile phone on ebay not that long ago, and she actually believed it was genuine sale, as they were registered in the U.K, when this ebayer won her phone, and came to send the invoice, it was an invoice to Nigeria, even though this woman had paid for her phone, little did my mate no, she was being robbed as well with her paypal account, as the phone went for over £200.00, The buyer paid it in to her paypal account, but took it right back out again, oblivious to this my poor mate sent her phone to this nigerian address, the next thing she is being harrassed by emails, saying they never received her phone within 2 weeks of her sending it, at the same time this woman was robbing my mate left right and centre of her paypal account, this ebayer had been with ebay more than month, but all sellers were private, it was'nt until my poor mate had actually come to pay for something off ebay, that she did'nt have the funds to pay. What this woman done was got her email address, then sent emails pretending to be paypal, so when my mate opened up the email, this nigerian scammer was onto a good thing, ebay or paypal were not very helpful at all, she got the police involved and there was nothing they could do either, as this nigerian scammer did'nt have a genuine email address. My mate who sold her phone, lost all her money from paypal and also her mobile phone. Please ebayer's just becareful when selling mobile's with private feedback, pretending to be in the UK when they're actually abroad, it's just when you come to send the invoice, you know you have been scammed, but she really did believe this woman, as emails were going back and forth, but through the ebay messages, i would have smelt a rat then, now this conwoman is not a registered user, and who knows anybody could be dealing with her, only send out your items through a genuine paypal address, and not always through an invoice, as the invoices are not always correct. Thats why i won't sell anything to anyone with less than 10 feedback. These scammers are very clever people they know what they are doing, that's why i never reply to any of my emails from paypal, as you don't know which one's are genuine and which aren't, i have actually got a system set up with paypal with a password, so i do know it's from the genuine paypal team. I advise you ebayer's to do the same.

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