Nigerian Phone Scam

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An unwanted upgrade was the first high value item I had to sell on ebay, I am normally a buyer.

At the last minute of bidding a new bidder 'snipped' and won the bid at £200.  I checked this buyer out and found that they had only been registered a few days and had already bought another phone for £500 and had the feedback of 'This buyer is a scammer. DO NOT accept them.'

Being a new seller I didn't know that you could reject bids and didnt want negative feedback. 

Even though I said I'd only post within the UK the buyer asked me to post to Nigeria, saying that it was for her husband and she was very sorry for any inconvenience, and that she'd even looked at Royal Mail online and paid an extra £30 for my postage.  This human story is part of the scam, do not accept it.

I then got spoof emails from fake Paypal, which looked very genuine and even had a geniune looking email address, urging me to complete the transaction by posting the item and that the buyer had paid the money and that they were holding it and would release it to me as soon as I gave them a Royal Mail transaction number.

I contacted Paypal asking if the emails were genuine but there customer services was slow (I just automatic emails back) and I did not wanting to incur negative feedback by causing a delay and as the emails looked so geniune, I posted the phone.  Immediately, the fake emails from Paypal stopped.

Concerned, I contacted the buyer and they said that they had stopped the funds and would only release it when I bought and sent them a Chelsea Football Shirt.  Ofcourse, I then knew it was not only fruad but also blackmail.

I reported this to the police.  Royal Mail said legally they could not stop the package and no doubt this fault in their system is why the scammer asked me to send it though Royal Mail.  Ebay and Paypal have done nothing.

I am appalled that eby do not warn new sellers about this as soon as they register as I can see now how common it is - but I only found that out once I was floundering about what to do and who to turn to.  I am very upset that ebay where I felt so safe and have many pleasent transactions as a buyer has now turned into a space where I am victim of fraud and blackmail.

I would love to close both my ebay and Paypal account because I have had no human contact from either helping me.  I now have to accept that someone somewhere in Nigeria will be walking around with my new phone, or worse, that my phone has been used as part of a criminal network, and that both ebay and Paypal did nothing to stop this happening to me.  The only reason that I will not close my accounts is that I benefit from buying items through ebay.

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