Nigerian Scam

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I have just sold a mobile phone on Ebay. Although I quoted UK postage the purchaser was from America. When I arranged the invoice, it came up with a Nigerian address. having emailed the buyer he said the mobile phone was for his darling wife in Nigeria who loved the phone so much. I couldn't understand why anyone would want a UK phone sim locked to a UK network but hey, its a sale. However things don't feel right. we emailed Ebay and they sent the usual pages of gobbledegook but it did say somewhere do not complete transaction this is a fraudulent email - but hidden in the rest of the stuff. It offered then a second chance sale, I contacted the next lowest bidder - no response. However meanwhile I had contacted the buyer again and he was asking for me to get a quote from United Parcel Services - UPS, so I got a quote for £67, I sent him this information asking for a Nigerian contact number. This morning, I get three emails, two from paypal saying money has been credited to my account but won't be released until AFTER I have sent it. The second giving information from paypal in Georgia. However I decided to click the link and it took me to a which had cell phone in the search box!! Now I am definitely smelling a scam. I still have my phone and have emailed this man saying pay up or I won't post. However now I have read a previous report I am sure I am being scammed, so waiting with interest to the reply - oh and he didn't give me a telephone number just a message saying post this in the morning and give me the tracking number so i can tell my wife it is coming - Not a chance! am I right?


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