Nigerian Scam

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I am only new to E-bay but I've been scammed 4 times now by buyer claiming to be from the UK but after they have bought the item they then ask me to send it to Nigeria! Luckily I have not sent my camera yet and all 4 times no money has come into my paypal account! I want to know is what e-bay proposes to do about this? If this is happening to somebody who is only selling 1 item then I can't imagine how frustrating this is to people that are selling many items! Also the response i got from e-bay was very disappointing as they sent me some customer service e-mail that didn't deal with the issue! Please be aware do not post an item unless that item has been  paid for in your paypal account! Contact Paypal and make sure those funds are from a legitimate funds and make sure they don't send them back to the buyer. E-bay needs to sort this issue out and quick either they need to collect the funds themselves and make sure that when somebody buys an item they pay for it! None of this sending an invoice after the sale has taken place. You don't buy an item in the shops and take it home and ask tesco's to send you an invoice! If you buy you buy and that's it. Otherwise E-bay will lose customers quickly! Actually I'm done with E-BAY!  
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