Nigerian Scam- Rose Benson- DO NOT SELL!

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I listed jewellery with both an auction and a BuyItNow option. The BuyItNow was taken up by Roseben112 who was based in "England" but they wanted it sent to their "friend" in Nigeria, and tried to trick me by saying that she had paid me via PayPal but that the payment would expire in 48 hours and I had to send it by that time in order to provide PayPal with a postal tracking number, so the payment would not expire. The buyer wrote all this in such a matter of urgency that it makes you, as the seller, panic and try to rush to get everything together, because of course you want your money. I then received an email appearing to be from PayPal saying I had received a payment. ALL OF THIS WAS A SCAM. When I clicked the link on the email saying that this person was a verified PayPal user, it led me to another, random email address. I forwarded it on to the spoof detectors at PayPal and they confirmed that the email was a false, phishing email.

After online research, this is a popular scam, and the name or a derivative of the name Rose Benson is commonly used, often with references to Jesus or God in the communication.

Luckily I spotted this one before I lost my jewellery and spent an extra £25 posting it out!

Please beware

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