Nigerian Scam Sellers Beware!

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Like many other ebayers i too was nearly conned into posting something  i thought i'd made a nice profit on only to find out it was all a con, luckily i went by my instincts and googled before i posted it out to guess where 'Nigeria'. After thinking i had sold my lucky coin for nearly a grand it turned out when i was replying to the winning bidders message that they suddedly were no longer a registered member. After telling them i was concerned they emailed me the next day promising me payment would be made by paypal on that day, then i got 2 fake emails which looked like the real thing from paypal but was a phishing attempt, telling me they added an extra £50 on for handling charges, they even wanted me to write gift on the paper and post it that same day as it was their sons birthday present but only to use royal mail international service and get back to them ASAP. They requested i send it to theirs sons address in Nigeria instead of america where they were registered on ebay also telling me she was going to spain for a buisness meeting. After reading all the emails they had sent me which had a few spelling mistakes and requests that i send a shipping number so i could get paid i got bit worried and was starting to doubt this was real. Just after i had got the coin all ready in the box and ready for posting the next day i ended up googleing 'scams on ebay and paypal just to make sure and there we go it was all there in writing that i was'nt the only one and some people have fallen to these petty attempts. The whole thing has made me sick with anger and people should be more aware that this happening. I ended up reporting it paypal and to ebay otherwise i would have had to pay for my seller fees which i would have been out of pocket for. Please take care when buying or selling and dont post anything out until full payment has been verified.

Things to look out for.

- Bad spelling, no or little feedback, no longer a registered user,

- private emails sent by them, payment on that day and extra money added on, them asking you to post it that day and tell them the shipping number,

- its for a birthday or present, to wrap it well and write gift on it, sending it to nigeria even when you said only uk postage,

- them telling you your a great person and using the phrases - thank you so very much, sorry for any inconveince caused,

- Unknown senders in the emails sent on behalf of etc etc

You see my point, just be very wary and any dodgy emails rports them as soon as you get them.


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