Nigerian buyer scam - again!

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Glad to see I am not the only one. Here are all the signs to look for:

1. The item sold through buy-it-now and I was a little surprised to get such a good price without any bidding (I had left the auction option as well, for a much lower price);

2. The buyer had 0 as feedback score;

2. It was supposed to be for a man's b-day (a pastor, supposedly!) but I was selling a ladies watch!

3. The "ebay" and "paypal" emails, although they seemed sent from genuine addresses and sort of looked ok at first, the small print had a few spelling mistakes;

4. Even though they were a UK registered Ebayer, they sent me £30 to ship to a Nigerian address (for an item that was very light);

5. The seller contacted me during the night (even though UK registered..);

6. They claimed that payment would be released by paypal only upon receipt of the tracking number, and kept chasing for it..

Thinking back on it, I can't believe I almost sent the item.. I even thought of gift wrapping the thing and throwing in a free battery! Well this was my very first sale on Ebay.

Anyway, Sellers beware!   


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