Nigerian eBay Scam (My Experience)

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Hi There.

I've just been exposed to a Nigerian eBay scam and luckily, I pegged it quite early and before I sent the item. I thought I'd write up a quick few notes explaining what events I was subjected to as part of it. Hopefully this will help people avoid similar situation.

  • The eBay account was brand new, ie: registered in Germany on the same day the auction ended
  • The postal address registered on Paypal just  has a city, postcode and the country, Germany (no actual address or street name)
  • I received direct communication via e-mail (not via eBay) from the buyer:
    • Requesting details on the condition of the item, despite THOROUGH details in the listing
    • Stating that the buyer was in the US on business
    • Stating that the item was for a colleagues son and not for themselves
    • Asking me to send the item to colleagues son in Nigeria
    • Stating that they were willing to pay WELL in excess of the requested postage/delivery costs

So a buyer registered in Germany, currently in the US bidding on something on Ebay in the UK asking for it to be delivered to someone else in Nigeria and willing to pay 10x the cost of standard postage/packing.

I sent an e-mail to eBay advisinf them of the situation and they advised not to have any further correspondence with the buyer and they fully detailed the procedure going forward for recoverables and re-listing.

Hope this helps someone someday.

Kind Regards,


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