Nigerian mobile phone ebay scam

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ive been with ebay for years and never had a problem untill recently.  When selling an old mobile phone someone used the buy it now option which i thought was great, correspondence with the buyer, i learnt that he was a fierst time bidder (on closer looking, only had registered that morning) but he was an American, serving in Iraq and would like to buy the phone for his son who works in the US Embassy in Iraq, and if i sent the package urgently then he would have paid over the odds on postage costs.  I then recieved an email from Paypal confirming payment but this turned out ot be fake,  because thay were using another company called care @ counsellor  as a third party and payment wouldnt be sent till a shipment number had been emailed to this company.  Because i am a generally suspicious person and things were looking too good to be true, i contacted the US Emabassy in Nigeria and they had never heard of his son, and the address was fake.  When i emailed the buyer back to confront him i got no reply and he unregistered from ebay.  So took the time relisted the item and within two hours another buyer for my phone, lo and behold another newly registered that day, first time bidder who also happened to be serving for America in Iraq and his son also worked for the US Embassy in Nigeria.  I couldnt believe my misfortune, obvously scammers dont talk to each other cos they could have saved themselves the bother.  This needs to stop, ebay need to do something about it or the buy it now feature is gonna become obsolete where phones are concerned,  one blog i read to combat it is to change selling preferences to not accept 0 feedback bidders with out a credit card on file as innocent 0 feedbacks would still be able to bid

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