Nigerian scam for digital camcorders not just phones

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I have been using ebay for the last 18 months for both selling and buying of pesonal good. I sold my digital camcorder on ebay on a buy now or nearest offer, amazingly it went withing 24 hours bought at the buy now price. The buyer contacted me straight away about sending postal orders, which I thought nothing of. I waitied for a week but no payment or confirmation that payment was sent, so I relisted my camcorder and again it was sold but this time with an offer, i accepted 2nd buyers offer, buyer paid and the camcorder was sent within uk.

Then I recieved an e-mail from the first buyer that she has sent the postal orders through and I need to send the item and she will not be able to get a refund. I felt really guilty as I thought this poor thing is losing her money as no camera to send to her and she has can't get a refund,  I e-mailed and explained the situation. Did not get a reply. I recieved an e-mail from royal mail accounts stating that the postal orders have been despatched and once I send the item the payment will be released.   I went hunting for a similar camcorder at similar price as my guilt was too strong as all I could think was that this poor woman losing her money.  I finally found one  camcorder similar to mine bidded and won the item, paid for it and recieved it with out a problem.  I recieved another e-mail from royal mail accounts asking whether the item has been despatched as they need to release the fund asap and they need the tracking number. I in my effort trying to be nice sent the package international signed for with insurance as the amount the the lady had "sent" was enough to cover the camcorder and shipment.  Roayl mail had requested for it to be DHL'd but I  was not willing to do that when we have an excellent postal service in Royal mail.

When I sent e-mail with tracking number for package and asked for the postal orders to be released, I recieved an e-mail from buyer stating that she has sent another large sum of money so that I can purchase some phones for her and send it over. I was shocked and replied that I am unabel to do that. I recieved another e-mail from royal mail accounts saying that they have a large amount of postal orders waiting to be released (which included the amount for the camcorder!) and the same old story, I refused to send anymore items as I am not a business and did not have the phones that the lady wanted.  After recieving avery rude e-mail from royal mail account I had doubts on the e-mail address being genuine. I logged a query with royal mail to check address and the confirmed it was not one of theirs and stated that there are lots of scams especially in Nigeria.

I think this is terrible and feel that e-bay should do more to protect honest users like myself and I am sure that there others who other stories to tell. All I advise to other honest users is don't ship anything out unless a payment has been made via paypal or cheques cleared, don't accept postal orders at all. I think the option of postal orders as  payment option  should be scrapped.
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