Nigerian scammer hijacks my gmail account via ebay

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Now, I don't know all the answers here, but some of this could be useful and if anyone can shed some more light on the process here, I'd love to know.

On April the 8th ebay send me a message which included my email address. Now, I suspect what has happened is that someone got hold of my ebay login details some time in the past but I couldn't say when. Unfortunately, my ebay account and gmail account share the same password (I know, my bad). So, armed with an email address, they gained access to the email account by trying the existing password. They then changed the account settings so that received emails were forwarded to a yahoo email account. I noticed quite soon that my gmail inbox didn't seem to be getting its usual volume of emails and with a bit of digging around I found the missing emails in the 'Bin' folder. These are the forwarded emails. I've now reset my gmail account and changed passwords and sent messages to everyone that this person tried to scam from my ebay account, so I think I have mostly recovered the situation.

However, what I don't understand is the need for the email account as well as the ebay account. Am I missing something here? Surely they could have scammed with just the hijacked ebay account? If someone can tell me why the email account was required instead of just changing the details of the ebay account I'd love to know.
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