Nigerian scammers

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With regard to these low lifes take my advice and do not fall into the trap. I recently posted an item for sale on ebay and approximately 1 day into the auction i received an email from someone through the ebay messages stating they would pay an amount that was double the value of the product. This seemed very irregular but the idea of getting a considerable amount of money would tempt even the most cautious of people. I let this continue and they requested I send them an invoice request for the item through paypal. The email address was not recognized with paypal and they did not respond to the request from paypal. They then asked for my email address to pay monies to my paypal account. I later received an email stating it was from paypal and the monies were safe and being held until I sent them the tracking number of the posted item, upon which they would send the monies to my account. As soon as I received the email iIsent it straight to ebay and paypal who both confirmed that the emails were fake. They looked like the real deal and had I not been wary I would of been out of pocket for postage approx 80 pounds and also lost my goods. Most of these parasites request that goods be posted to little mary or joseph who are studying in Nigeria and request trackable postage.


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