Nike Reebok Puma and all the rest

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all the above had had their fair share of people copying their products and i have had enough, Why you ask, well this is why


I spend my hard earned cash buying what i think is a " Bargain" and it turns out to be at best a reproduction and at worst a second rate copy from some sweat shop somewhere


Nike have introduced a A5 sized black card with a dot drawn picture of the trainer in question stating that the trainers in question are authentic.


What i'm tyrying to say is if you look hard enough you will find the truth.


i.e, Someone say's "These are Gucci's latest" Then go to Gucci's website and see for yourself because if they are Gucci then you will find evidence and also Gucci/Nike/ etc won't be shy in telling you


All in all if you smell a rat then there probably is a Rat


Kind and Sincere Regards Carley Windsor


(aka Disgruntled reproducton /fake goods buyers)


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