Nike SQ Lucky 13 Driver

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I have really struggled with drivers over the years and used a lot!!!! But this is the best yet - I really struggle to get the ball up without making drastic swing changes which have left me with no distance and pretty awful aim as well so I tried the Nike Lucky 13....

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have found it surprisingly easy to hit - both straight and far, and importantly in the air for a reasonable amount of time.

The only drawback is the tinny noise the ball makes coming off the head, however a lot of big headed drivers today sound the same.

Slightly off centre shots feel like they come out of the middle and go like billy-oh! The first tee is not so imposing now!

Try it - I really recommend it, if you don't get on with it I am sure someone on ebay will take it off your hands as this range tend to hold some value second hand.


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