Nike Zvezdochka shoes (Marc Newson)

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These shoes were produced as a limited edition designer item several years ago.
There was a reissue, in 2009, of a black and yellow variation with the branding "Livestrong".

The shoes are rare, and quite valuable, but most of what turns up on ebay is fake.
This is fine if you know you are buying a budget priced copy, but not if you pay a lot of money and get counterfeit goods.
Real Shoes are worth $200+. Fake shoes are worth <$20 (if anything).

So, how can you tell the difference between fake and real?
- Boxes and packaging: these tell you almost nothing, because they are easy to fake. Some have "Marc Newson" incorrectly spelled, which is a giveaway.
- Tags: likewise, easy to copy, so ignore them.
- Internal labels with barcodes: again, easily faked.

So, tags, boxes and packaging always look pretty genuine, but are easily faked and are often used to make a fake product look genuine.
- Design: The real shoes have a number of differences. Have a look at the images attached,

Firstly, the shoe comes in 5 parts:
Rubber outer shoe: rubber with holes
Marc Newson Stud: Removable metal stud that fits into a hole on the side of the shoe.
Tread: studded rubber that sticks through the holes.
Cloth inner shoe: This should fit the outer shoe so that some of the cloth sticks out above the rubber all the way round. The cloth is thick and elasticated so that it hugs the foot. The rim of the cloth is rolled over and stitched. There is a small tab of cloth at the front and back of the foot opening, to make them easier to put on and take off. The bottom of the shoe has a Marc Newson signature moulded into it. With fake shoes there is no signature on the bottom, but there may be a Nike logo. The cloth tabs may be missing or much larger than on real shoes. The cloth is thin, cheap and less "foot hugging". Often the inner shoe does not seem to fit the outer shoe.
Insole: This has the same pattern on its underside as the cloth inner shoe, with a Marc Newson signature and "zoomair" bubble in the heel. The upposer surface is blank apart from a Nike logo. Fake shoes don't have the zoomair heel or signature. The often have "Livestrong" written on the upper surface.

The last issue is colour: the genuine shoes only came in a limited range of colours. Fake shoes come in a host of fancy colours.

The Livestrong shoes are slightly different from the original version. They look very similar, but have a yellow plastic stud, striped pulltabs on the inner shoe and "Livestrong" written on the upper side of the insole. They only came in one colour combination.

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